Century-old painting shows Windmill Lane, Sneinton

A painting Windmill Lane by J H Berry has emerged. It shows what the area of the Old School Hall was like in the 1920s. 

At this time the School Hall was part of a much larger school building that covered what is now the windmill car park. Looking down Windmill Lane towards St Stephen's Church, a horse drawn cart is seen emerging from the top of Walker Street, whilst a corner shop is attracting customers on the corner of recently-built Lord Street.

Seeing the painting brought back memories for former resident of Nottintone Place, Alfred Harrison (80) who now lives abroad. He remembered many times as a boy coming out of the alley from their back yard to go shopping for the family at the corner shop.

Above: a contemporary map of the area from 1916, showing the view point and the Old School Hall in red. You can see the same view now on Google Streetview.

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