Where Sneinton's thriving Iona School started life...

Another nice story has emerged about the use of the Old School Hall for education in Sneinton.

Above: The first class of Iona School in 1985/6 with the windmill undergoing its restoration in the background.

The Iona School, which is now based on Sneinton Dale behind the BANCA Community Centre, started life with a few pupils back in 1985- based at the Old School Hall. It was only in the building for a year or so before moving to its present home, but the original teachers who founded the school have fond memories and a proud association with the building.

Above: The first class of Iona School in 1985 at their 'Lantern Festival' in the main Old School Hall classroom

From a single class at the Old School Hall, Iona has grown to cover education for all years from nursery to eleven years old.

Above: Just one of the classes today at Iona School, on their Sneinton Dale site.
Below: The Lantern Festival has become a symbol of Iona School this image is from their website:

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