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dOSH is seeking YOUR responses to 3 potential ways in which the Old School Hall could be developed.

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These options are all based on realistic scenarios and real approaches we've had from potential owners, tenants and users of the space, so at this stage each of the options could be considered financially viable (of course we will be proving that later, when we have the final proposal in place!).

The whole point of dOSH, and the reason it came about, is to tap in to the massive groundswell of local support there is for the building and the local interest is its future. So at this point we really need to know what you think and why.

Please take a look at the three options presented here, and then follow this link to take our survey. The survey itself should only take about 6 minutes, but this information you give us will be incredibly helpful in making sure we understand what people want to see happen, and why. When you've completed the survey, you'll get to see how other people have responded too...

The first idea, "OPTION A", is for a Food Hub building.
This would be dedicated to food production and learning about food. It would include a bakery, cafe and a large hall for education and events. Several small food businesses would be based in the building. There would be a strong association with the Windmill, making this a national destination as well as a local centre. Income would be generated by the food businesses paying rent, and by the hire of the hall for events.

Gallery of images to explain Option A:

The second idea, "OPTION B", is for an education or day centre.
A secure part of the building will offer education or day support for people with disabilities, excluded school pupils, or maybe a nursery. There will be small teaching rooms and a larger hall used for the education/day centre during the day. During evenings and weekends the school hall can be booked for events. The rest of the building will be taken up by a large cafe and a bakery.

Gallery of images to explain Option B:

The third idea, "OPTION C", is for a Local Business Hub building.
A charitable business would own the Hall and sublet part of it to a bakery/cafe. Part of the cafe area will be designed so that community meetings and small events can be held there. The rest of the building is offices for the company, which also offers 'co-working' or shared desk space, use of meeting rooms and other facilities to local groups and charities.

Gallery of images to explain Option C:

Thank you for reviewing the options. Please now take the survey!
5 responses
All three options seem to revolve around bakery and cafe , a cafe requires passing trade which I suspect the location does not have . The plans perhaps could be more integrated with the windmill and its plans as as competition would not perhaps be helpful to either the existing windmill or the proposed project. What are the wishes of the immediate community ?
Hi Pete, many thanks for taking the time to give your comments. You are right about the viability of a 'passing trade' cafe in this location- the bakery business would not rely on passing trade to be viable as a straightforward cafe would. The other advantage of a bakery business is long hours of activity on the site, active at times when a cafe would be closed (for lack of passing trade...). This would make the area safer. The windmill have told us that they decided not to take on the Old School Hall having looked in to it previously, they are focused on their main site. Having said that the two projects would be mutually beneficial in drawing more people to the area and making a better 'offer' for the local community and longer range visitors alike. Thanks again, and please if you haven't already could you take the survey so we can capture your feedback? Gathering local opinion is exactly where we are at now with the consultation event and survey- many of us in dOSH live and work within spitting distance of the Old School Hall and this is something we care passionately about.
So its a bakery , a bakery or a bakery , an affordable nursery so working people could keep contributing towards tax to pay for all the workshy in the area who already use the windmill area to get drunk , use drugs and litter would of made more sense , I think before any plans go ahead you need to concentrate on policing and cleaning up the park area first as its not safe or fit for use , I hope your bakery will not attract the same undesirables to it that use the park area , anyhow good luck it will be closed within a year !
I like the idea of an educational establishment. But ether an approved school, special school or nursery? Such a vast and seemly random range of ideas. I believe I can't make an informed decision. Have you further information on the 3 vastly different types of education ideas you have?
Option 2 looks the best to me. I have 30+ years hospitality experience, to me the location would not support 3 food based businesses but the bakery cafe with flexible function/ education space is more practical and gives a nod to the history of the sight. Of course I a totally behind the bakery using 100% Greens mill organic flower.