Old School Hall recognised as a Community Asset

Official confirmation has been received that The Old School Hall is an "Asset of Community Value".

Nottingham City Council has considered an application from the Old School Hall Committee and decided that the hall:

"...furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the community and is capable of doing so in the future"

In practical terms this means that if the site is sold, there will be a delay so that community interest groups can get together a bid to buy the building. The procedure is:
  1. The owner decides to sell the building and notifies the council
  2. Within 6 weeks a community interest group registers their interest to be a bidder
  3. For 6 months the building cannot be sold except to a community interest group
  4. After 6 months the building can be sold to any bidder.

So ultimately the building could still be sold to a private party, but at least the community will have some time to get their act together and put in a bid themselves.

Good news then and another essential step on the way to saving the Old School Hall for the people of Sneinton!

Read the decision letter below...