Building a team to deliver for Sneinton

Our last few blog posts have focussed on the history and heritage of the Old School Hall as part of Sneinton's community identity. This heritage is certainly important and underpins our drive to find a community-benefitting new use for the building.

But we can't afford to just be nostalgic, the building has to thrive as a place of enterprise and innovation in the future, offering a bright new vision as a busy, bustling place of opportunity. The team we have assembled a dOSH balances that enterprising vision with a deep set of roots in the community. We will be ready to launch our ideas publicly soon, but first we think it is important to make it clear who the ideas are coming from and what interests they represent. 

Any organisation that claims to be bringing community benefit should be prepared to prove just how deep their connections go within the area, and we thing dOSH has some solid Sneinton credentials. You can browse this network diagram online to discover the organisations involved, visit their websites and tune in to their social media accounts:

The seven organisations represented in the dOSH alliance are:

Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum: responsible for developing the Neighbourhood Plan for the future of the Sneinton area, Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum recognised the importance of the Old School Hall area and initiated the public meetings in 2016 that led to the birth of dOSH.

Old School Hall Community Association: The body responsible for managing the Old School Hall as a Community Centre. The Association successfully applied with dOSH support to have the Hall recognised as an Asset of Community Value

Sneinton Alchemy: The Community Interest Company that was set up to benefit the Sneinton neighbourhood has a successful track record of handling grant funding and completing community based project work in the area. Sneinton Alchemy CIC has emerged as the body best placed to apply for and administer grant funding related to the Hall.

WIND: With the snappiest acronym of them all WIND (Windmill Improvement for Neighbourhood Development) is the community group that has been behind many of the beautification projects in the Windmill Park. Representing residents from the immediate area and conducting litter picks, combatting anti-social behaviour and implementing planting schemes in close liaison with the Council and Green's Mill.

2hD architecture workshop: Locally based architecture company 2hD has won a number of design awards and been involved in a lot of community-based work around Sneinton. They have conducted a condition survey of the building and drawn up plans of the existing building, also coordinating the input of our structural engineer and bringing in architecture students from Nottingham Trent University to contribute through their teaching and research connections.

Notts Community Organisers: Originating in Sneinton, Notts Community Organisers are fully-qualified in their role of building community engagement and self-realisation through active public involvement. Working from the ground up, Community Organisers build consensus and network like minded community members to make change happen.

Small Food Bakery: Everyone agrees that a bakery next to the award-winning organic flour-producing windmill makes so much sense, and the area is crying out for a decent cafe. The Small Food Bakery, set up by a former Sneinton resident, takes flour from Green's Mill and turns it in to award winning food- their latest accolade being a short listing in the 2018 Good Food Awards from BBC Radio 4. Their ideas for a bakery and cafe in the Old School Building have emerged as a thread running through all the enterprise options we are considering.

Find out more via the dOSH alliance partners network diagram.

Of course, each of these organisations' representatives brings with them a great number of important connections to other organisations, who whilst not directly involved as dOSH partners have a great deal to offer to the project. So we have taken the chance to set out for you the eleven members of the dOSH committee and their involvement in other organisations, both in Sneinton and around Nottingham. Whilst we think the team is pretty strong, if you find your organisation is not represented and you think they should be, please do get in touch and get involved!

Browse the dOSH people network diagram:

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