Research into Community Hall closure

We've been contacted by Mak Johal, an architecture student at Nottingham Trent University with an invitation to take part in his research project.

You can do this in 5 minutes by clicking here to complete an online survey.

Mak has been part of a group of 3rd year architecture students from NTU who have been collaborating with Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum on a research project as part of developing the Neighbourhood Plan for Sneinton. Now in his individual research, Mak is researching the wave of closures that are threatening community centres as cash-strapped councils make tough decisions over their building stock.

He is comparing the situation in Sneinton with that in two neighbourhoods in Derby, and is seeking local opinions in both places about how decisions are made - and how these decisions affect young people in particular.

dOSH: We're working on it

The dOSH community alliance have been getting stuck in to the challenges posed by the Old School Hall. We've been meeting every 2 weeks since the community meetings that kicked off the initiative in September.

We've used these meetings to organise a petition collecting signatures from those interested in saving the Hall. We've received over 170 signatures and currently almost 550 clicking their support via our online petition. On December 5th we held an information stall at the Sneinton Christmas Fair.

We've also been studying exactly what we've got- looking through old condition surveys and setting out some priority actions to stop the building deteriorating while it's empty. 

Since the building has been 'boarded up' with shiny tin sheets we've put some posters around to let people know the Hall is still cared for and pointing them to this website and our social media accounts for more information.

We've liased with the Council to get access to confidential documents and get hold of the keys so that our architects and engineers could get in to survey the fabric.

And we've set a date for our next public information meeting, so please put this one in your diaries now:

dOSH Public Information Meeting 

(or what we've found so far...)

Monday 30th January 2017

The St Christopher's Church Hall, Trent Lane, Sneinton

What you can do right now:

  1. Contact us with leads to potential users for the hall. We want to maintain community access but need to find sustainable (ie income generating) new uses to make this possible.
  2. Send us any pictures you have of the Hall in use (or going back further, showing it in use as a school!) Pictures can be emailed (see our contacts page).
  3. Sign the petition to fight to save the building.
  4. Come to our Public Information Meeting on 30th January
  5. Print and share our poster to raise awareness
  6. Follow us on Twitter, like our page on Facebook and tell your friends!